The best
nastoyanka and nalyvka
of ancient Ukraine
About Us
We are a young generation of Ukrainians who have spent most of their lives abroad and returned home to do their own business. In 2015, we founded Honey Badger family business.

Our goal is to gather a collection of ancient recipes from all regions of Ukraine.

With the love to our country and the desire to recreate traditional Ukrainian drinks, the idea of creating our own production in Ukraine came up. We started with our own family recipes that we use to make drinks ourselves.
Our history and achievements
Search for recipes
Idea & search for recipes. Implementation of the "pilot" batch of Bee Infused Nastoyanka. Search for raw materials and ideas for the construction of a production plant.
Organization of production
Registration of recipes according to DSTU for Bee Infused Nastoyanka and Cherry Infused Nalyvka. Development of the architectural plan of the production plant and its construction.
Start of production
Certification of production and obtaining a production license. Registration of the following recipes: Honeycomb Infused Nastoyanka and Raspberry Infused Nalyvka.
First awards
Obtaining a retail license. Participation in the tasting competition and receiving the first awards. Registration of the recipe for Blackcurrant Infused Nalyvka.
Official market entry
Obtaining a wholesale license.
Entering the Ukrainian market. Opening of the Showroom. Registration of the recipe for Cornelian Cherry Infused Nalyvka. Obtaining a certificate of conformity according to DSTU for a full line of products.
New directions, partners & recipes
Strengthening positions in the Ukrainian market and expanding partnerships. Working with the best bartenders and mixologists and developing our own cocktail menu.
Registration of new recipes:
Dubivka Kozatska and Porichka,
as well as Troyandovyi dessert drink.
Our awards
Honeycomb Infused Nastoyanka
2018 Wine & Spirits Awards - Silver
Bee Infused Nastoyanka
2018 Wine & Spirits Awards - Platinum
Raspberry Infused Nalyvka
2019 Wine & Spirits Awards - Bronze
Blackcurrant Infused Nalyvka
2019 Wine & Spirits Awards - Silver
Cherry Infused Nalyvka
2019 Wine & Spirits Awards - Gold
Cossack's Oak Nastoyanka
2020 Wine & Spirits Awards - Silver
Cornelian Cherry Infused Nalyvka
2020 Wine & Spirits Awards - Gold
Cherry Infused Nalyvka
2021 IWSC - Bronze
Redcurrant Infused Nastoyanka
2021 Wine & Spirits Awards - Silver
Rose Dessert Nalyvka
2021 Wine & Spirits Awards - Gold
Blackcurrant Infused Nalyvka
2022 IWSC - Gold
Red Viburnum Infused Nastoyanka
2023 Wine & Spirits Awards - Gold
Ukrainian Gin
2023 Wine & Spirits Awards - Gold
Horseradish Traditional Nastoyanka
2023 Wine & Spirits Awards - Platinum
Blackcurrant Infused Nalyvka
2023 Ukrainian Craft Spirits Awards - Gold
Horseradish Traditional Nastoyanka
2023 Ukrainian Craft Spirits Awards - Gold
Our Partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please write us.
Honey Badger is not just about crafting.
Honey Badger is a new era of taste, sensations and cocktails.
Our Team
People who work every day to provide the best service and make our customers happy
  • Yulia and Artem
    After a long life abroad, they returned to their homeland to do their own business.
    This is the case when a favorite hobby has grown into a family business.
    A customs officer and a financier by education, they were always pleasantly surprised when their parents served new drinks for the holidays and decided to share their sincere admiration with the country.
  • Ludmila
    Head of Production
    Joined the team with 20 years of experience in the alcoholic beverage industry to share her experience, lead the scaling and implementation of leading industry standards.
    Someone will say that there is nothing special about alcohol, but definitely not me. Consumer liking and love for our drinks are the main priorities of my activity. I want Honey Badger's products to be not only an alcoholic attribute, but also to carry the heritage of Ukrainian traditions, to be the decoration of any holiday.
    My credo: "Do what you love. Love what you do." I live just like that - I love my job and I love to taste nalyvka in pleasant company :)
  • Iryna
    Deputy Chief Technologist
    As the beehive expands in the spring, our Honey Badger family is constantly growing and increasing production. Having work experience in the confectionery and dairy industries, with a burning desire for optimization, I am engaged in the improvement of technological processes, and also successfully perform the work assigned to the Deputy Chief Technologist.
  • Andriy
    Customer Service Manager
    From the door of production to the hands of the consumer - this is my kingdom, while speed and reliability are synonymous with my business.
    One of my main principles is: show your knowledge not in words but in deeds.
  • Danil
    Supply Manager, Technologist
    Since the establishment of the company I am the main "bee" in production.
    Every berry, every nalyvka, every bottle passes through my hands, so that the consumer gets quality drinks and real pleasure!
    Young & promising ;)
    Instagram: d_dlzhnkv
  • Tetyana
    For me, accounting is an art. Every day I immerse myself in the complex world of numbers, because the financial life of our company depends on it.
    My philosophy: life is a challenge! And I accept it.
Where are we
Showroom address:
16 Polkovnyka Shutova Street,
Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380955154646

* Delivery of alcoholic products is carried out only on the territory of Ukraine.
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