Cherry Infused Nalyvka

The recipe of the cherry infused nalyvka originates from our ancestors in the village of Torkanivka, Vinnytsia.

This region is rich in beautiful orchards, especially cherries. Our grandmother always used to prepare nalyvka for every family occasion.

According to the beliefs of Ukrainians, cherry is a tree of mutual love, spring, beauty. From the cherry branches, the ancestors cooked the traditional drink, which certainly used for the New Year, Green Holidays, St. John the Baptist’s day etc.

Nalyvka is viscous, moderately dry, with a strong cherry flavour and a light cherry stone note. We carefully hand-picked the cherries for the infusion. Cherry is a real treasure-trove of nutrients. Cherries contain malic, citric, salicylic acid and succinic acid. Also, cherries are rich in macro and micro elements: calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, copper.

Goes wonderfully with modern meals, cheeses and desserts.