Redcurrant Infused Nastoyanka

We received redcurrant berries together with the recipe from the sunny city of Kherson.

Nastoyanka is strong, has a pleasant, sour-sweet taste and a harmonious aroma with a hint of redcurrant berries.

Redcurrant grows mainly in wet forests, along rivers and in swamps, many species grow in the mountains. Small bunches with transparent sour redcurrant berries are not uncommon in our region. Since the 16th century, redcurrant berries were grown and highly valued for their healing properties and were considered a natural source of health. For the first time, monks began to use the healing properties of redcurrant, but folk medicine still uses its beneficial properties.

Redcurrants have long been considered a health berry. Even our ancestors called redcurrants a source of beauty, strength and longevity.

Due to the high content of pectins, redcurrants are used to remove toxins and waste products from the human body, help prevent the development of inflammatory processes, are used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, inhibit the development of neoplasms, and normalize the hormonal background.