Blackcurrant Infused Nalyvka

Natives from the Carpathian region, who generously treat themselves, tourists and skiers in the winter season with their liquors, shared with us the recipe of blackcurrant nalyvka.

Blackcurrant has been introduced to the Ukrainian culture not so long ago. The first mention of its use as a medicinal plant traces back to the XV-XVI century. Today, the berries and leaves, buds and shoots are processed and harvested in almost every household in

Blackcurrant is an ideal plant, a natural physician that tones the cardiovascular system, reduces blood sugar levels, strengthens the immune system and resistance of the body to diseases, normalizes metabolism, improves the function of the adrenal glands, positively affects brain activity.

Carpathian cuisine is perfect for such drink - banosh, potato pancakes, mushroom soup.

Blackcurrant nalyvka can be just as a delicious drink to the table, as well as a cure. It is not necessary to drink nalyvka in pure form. It can be added to tea or coffee, used in the confectionery industry.