Honeycomb Infused Nastoyanka

Zaporizhzhya region - the native land of the Cossacks, the edge of freedom-loving people, the land of black soil, the land where Ukrainian culture and life began.

For the preparation of Nastoyanka, we took an ancient Cossack recipe of strong honey infusion on bee combs and modified it.

Honeycomb is a unique bees' gift containing over 300 beneficial substances, such as: esters, minerals, polyhydric alcohols, vitamins, carbohydrates, fatty acids. Only young bees from special abdominal glands allocate honeycomb. Bee families use it for the construction of honeycombs (cells).

Our ancestors chewed the honeycomb, which gave a powerful therapeutic effect on the body.

With all its skill, humanity has not yet learned to create at least something remotely reminiscent of this charming bee product.

Undoubtedly, the Cossack recipe goes well with the best Ukrainian cuisine, especially "kulish" cooked on hearth, meatloaf and smoked meat.