Raspberry Infused Nalyvka

Recipe originated from family friends from the Kharkiv region. Nalyvka’s in that family have been produced for a long time and recommend to serve it with pies, cakes and sweet dumplings. The people of Slobozhanschiny region carefully kept the traditions of folk rafts, customs, rituals that existed throughout the rich history of the region along with the drinking culture.

The warm grandmother's hands and the smell of raspberry are the first memories of childhood. Raspberry with its unforgettable taste is known and loved by everyone. The raspberry nalyvka has turned out to be light, with an ideal balance of color, aroma and  taste. Probably this is the most harmonious product of summer season, with sunny emotions.

Raspberries have a lot of nutrients. It con- tains pectin, tannic and nitrogenous substances, fiber, essential oils, vitamins A, B and C, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium. Raspberry is known to have the ability to strengthen the capillary system.

Raspberry was discovered in the first century AD, when Christianity was born, so raspberry is often called the divine berry.