Nastoyanka Dubivka Kozatska

One day, our good friends from Cherkasy region treated us with a nastoyanka. We really liked the drink, so we made it according to their ancient recipe.

In a picturesque corner of Ukraine in the Cherkasy region, in the heart of the Kholodnyi Yar, a thousand-year-old oak tree spread its branches. In the heat of summer, people could always hide in its shade and coolness. But no less benefit for people was using it in non-traditional and formal medicine: gastroenterology, dentistry, dermatology, gynecology, cosmetology.

According to popular belief, if you bend to the oak, you will gain strength and health for the whole year.

Since the time of grandfather and great-grandfather, the locals have cooked a wonderful drink - Nastoyanka Dubivka Kozatska. Nastoyanka is strong, rich in taste, aromatic, has a bright brown-oak color. The Cossacks used it both at the festive table and during the family dinner.

The nastoyanka tastes good with fish, meat dishes and game.